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British Columbia is one of the top as Quality Tourism Destination








Canada, one of the tourism world’s most analyzed destinations, now has a new measure for tourism success. The analysis of the relative quality of the tourism experience from one province and destination to the next from the all-important visitors’ point of view.


While performance statistics based on measuring the number of visitors and their spending are common place in the Canadian tourism industry, Resonance Consultancy’s new Canada Tourism Quality Index benchmarks the quality of tourism in Canada by using the ratings and reviews of experiences published by travellers themselves in social media channels, combined with core statistics for factors such as convention centres and flight access.

“The perception and reputation of tourism destinations is defined less and less by the industry and traditional media, and increasingly by visitors themselves as more than 300 million travellers a month, and growing, use social media channels such as TripAdvisor to decide where to go on their next vacation,” says Resonance Consultancy President Chris Fair.

When Resonance considered total number of visitors and total quality tourism products, Ontario came out as Canada’s #1 tourism destination.


However, in the company’s analysis of which provinces offer the most quality tourism products, activities and experiences per visitor, the results were quite different.

This Indexed Ranking of Canadian provinces in the Tourism Quality Index produced new winners:

1. Prince Edward Island
2. British Columbia
3. Nova Scotia
4. Newfoundland and Labrador
5. New Brunswick
6. Alberta
7. Ontario
8. Manitoba
9. Quebec
10. Saskatchewan