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Victoria comes off record tourism year, 2017 might be even better

Victoria is known for historic landmarks and streets, breathtaking scenery, museums and vibrant history.

For the fifth year in a row British Columbia’s capital was crowned the top spot in Canada for lovers.

Victoria had the highest sales in every category on the popular e-commerce website: romance novels, love songs, jewelry and sexual wellness products.

People living in Victoria also enjoy watching romantic comedies, including Sleepless in Seattle, Julia Robert’s breakout film Pretty Woman and the Christmas classic Love Actually.

A low loonie and safety concerns in Europe have boosted Vancouver Island’s tourism sector and experts say it’s only going to get better.

Last year the industry saw a spike in international visitors, up 12 per cent from 2015.

Tourism Victoria says the capital city is coming out of an all-time banner year; hotels were four per cent busier than in 2015.

“1998 and probably 2016 will be on par at about 3.5 to 3.6-million overnight visitors”.
The relatively low Canadian dollar is attracting people from south of the border.

Recent terrorist attacks in France and Germany have also drawn people away from Europe.
We are now touted as being a safe haven in the world.

With a Canada turning 150, naming our country as the #1 place to visit, there is every reason to believe the tourism industry will continue to be major driver for Victoria economy.